About the Artist

Ben Wilson's work embraces the quality and passion of the classical arts whilst adapting it to modernity and contemporary settings; capturing in paint the people existing here and now in this time period.


Wilson aspires to create the illusion of being in the presence of a real person and connecting with them on a deeper level. The subject matter is simply a portrait of a person; however, it is the model’s meditative introspection that adds complexity. Wilson attempts to create a conflicting moment between fragility and strength, which largely defines us as human beings, but to also leave it open to the viewer’s interpretation.


Contemplating that death will inevitably come one day and the ageing process complementing this realization but taking it all with a sense of humour or analysing it with pensive melancholy are truly the range of defining qualities that human beings possess.


Wilson's consistent palette of minimal colours creates harmony in conjunction with the full repertoire of effects to create a continual sense of movement and energy as if the person is alive, thinking, breathing or about to move. The plain featureless background enhances the starkness of the image. However, technique is only one part of the process and it is the deeper human poignancy of the image that must take priority.




Ben Wilson is a Scottish born figurative painter living and working in London. Wilson embraces the quality and passion of the old masters, transporting it into a contemporary setting to capture in paint the people here and now in the modern world.

As a self-taught artist Wilson has always had a strong sensibility for art and painting; deriving his influences from the great masters of the past: Caravaggio, Goya, Rembrandt, Vermeer, Manet and Lucian Freud.

Wilson aspires to capture a profound moment in time between artist and sitter and trap not only their likeness but a meditative introspection; creating an intense confrontation with another human being.

Wilson is constantly on the search for new sitters so please get in touch if you would like a commission. Prices vary depending on size and detail.


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